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INsTANT payments

Anywhere and anytime that instant Real-time Gross settlements are required – XDC Network will ably, swifty, securely, faithfully and forensically execute to the blockchain. The advantage of ISO 20022 message compliancy is the ability to carry a wealth and density of granular data on transations, facilitating financing processes and enabling banks & FIs to enrich straight-through processing (STP). 


 Lending and Finance tokenisation offers numerous advantages to the trade finance industry, including increasing liquidity, efficiency, transparency and – ultimately – MSME accessibility. By leveraging blockchain technology and EVM smart contracts, trade finance processes can become more secure, streamlined and fractionalised to a wider range of multi-lateral participants.


XDC has been purpose built to solve the many problems of the illiquid, error-prone financial and paper-based systems. By focussing on Data not Paper – and the inherent immutability, security of blockchain plus our decentralised Oracle “Plugin” – tokenising of RWA, processes and documents could be seen as optimal complement, or replacement, to Cloud-based management.

Take your place with Payments, Smart Contracts & Tokenisation in Australia: The XDC Story

XDC Network traces its roots back to Exchange Infinite, a software development company, then turned Not-For-Profit, XinFin Fintech, in Singapore. They created a hybrid EVM/Quorum Blockchain Protocol initially as an ERC-20 on the Ethereum Network, then launching their own main net (XRC-20) in June 2019 soon after. XinFin aims to address global infrastructure deficits using Blockchain technology – transitioning the world to a thoughtful Tokenised Society – and revolutionising peer-to-peer transactions through community-driven digital assets on an open-source blockchain platform. 

Your Success Depends on Your Network

Turbo charge Payments, Smart Contracts & Tokenisation in Australia

XDC Network has the Specs to make your Use-Case a Success.

XDC is for Institutions hosting a Masternode, Financial Institution Management & Fund Management, Asset Management, Banking & FinTech, Charitable NFP & Donations, Payments & Remittances, Supply Chain & other Document Management, Trade Finance, the Venture Capital Sector, Insurance Agencies, Gaming & Entertainment and dApp Developers

Why choose XDC Network?

XDC Network is the leading EVM compatible blockchain in a cluttered market that promised to make automation and programmability a practical reality. It has an incredible 2 second block speed, very comfortably handles up to 2000 Transactions per second (pre-sharding) and incurs near non-existent gas fees. The Network delivers the Smart Contract capabilities whilst also creating the Decentralised security of KYC masternodes all over the World.  It is a heavy hitter in Payments and Tokenisation utility and is, of course, ISO20022 messaging compliant.

Take your place with Payments, Smart Contracts & Tokenisation in Australia.

ISO20022 & XDC Network

ISO 20022 represents a pivotal step towards the digital transformation of trade transactions. The structured nature of ISO 20022 messages enables the inclusion of multiple data elements from invoices, facilitating seamless information exchange among trading participants. 


The product of XinFin – the XDC Network – is a Global family.

Being at the centre of all things TECHNICAL, find all those questions answered at the BRAIN of XDC Network –  XIFIN.org

However, XDC Foundation has embedded itself at the HEART of all things XinFam.  Check out XDC.org for a broader picture of our Global focus.

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