Asset Managememt

Tokenise your Cash, Bonds, Securities, Gold & even RE holdings with Asset management on Blockchain

Empowering Treasury Management with Blockchain

Treasury and Asset management on blockchain may be of immense benefit to Financial Managers. Creating an auditable correlation to a blockchain representation of assets, with a finer control of fractional units, allows for granular and nimble management of traditional treasury responsibilities.

Unlocking New Possibilities with Tokenisation: Asset management on Blockchain

Cash balances and precious metals are considered financial assets and are often included in an organisation’s investment portfolio for various reasons including hedging against inflation, diversification and preservation of value. Treasury and Asset Managers who are tokenising Fiat, Bonds, Securities, Gold and even Real Estate may be establishing processes for increasing greater efficiency and, ultimately, a greater degree of global reach.

Risk Management and Efficiency Enhancement

The primary concern for an Asset manager is to manage and minimise financial risks such as liquidity risk, interest rate risk and foreign exchange risk, as well as credit risk related to the organisation’s counterparties. They primarily serve the internal stakeholders of an organisation, including the finance department, executives and board of directors.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Control

To then be able to streamline and improve efficiencies while simultaneously opening themselves up to more granular control over their Asset classes is an obvious win, win.

Tokenising US Treasury Bonds ($USTY) as an ETF on XDC Network []

$USTY tokens, accessible on TradeTeq’s platform – a U.K. based private debt and real-world asset market place – issued shares in a U.S.Treasury Bond ETF, on the XDC Network in August 2023.

Tokenising GOLD on the XDC Network: ComTech Gold []

There is no investment-grade gold product that is both easy to own and easy to trade. Physical gold is hard to store and transport. Gold futures are easy to trade, but don’t give you ownership of the underlying commodity.

Tokensing precious metals, such as Gold, solves this problem by providing a 100% physical gold-backed digital tokens.

Gold Tokens ($CGO) will be issued by ComTech FZCO, which is incorporated in the UAE and registered under the Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA). Working within regulatory frameworks, we aim to create an ecosystem built with integrity, transparency and efficiency to encourage the financial industry to raise the bar and discover new ways to service the Global community.

About ComTech Gold
ComTech Gold is redefining the tokenisation infrastructure by the digitisation of Gold using Blockchain Technology that allows both institutional and retail community to get access to Gold electronically anywhere across the Globe. ComTech Gold tokens will be 100% backed by physical Gold in the form of Standardised 1 kg bars of 999 purity stored in a secured physical Vault custodian on a segregated and auditable basis.

Some Corporate entities that could incorporate Asset management on Blockchain for their immediate favour would be:

Citibank Treasury and Trade Solutions

As mentioned earlier, Citibank offers a wide range of treasury and trade solutions to corporate clients and financial institutions worldwide.

Citibank is a global banking and financial services company that offers a wide range of treasury and trade solutions to corporate clients and financial institutions. They provide cash management, liquidity management, trade finance and other treasury services to help businesses optimise their working capital and manage risks.

Deutsche Bank Corporate Bank – Cash Management

Deutsche Bank’s cash management division provides global transaction banking solutions to help clients optimise their cash flow and working capital management.

Macquarie Group

Macquarie is a global financial services provider headquartered in Australia. They have a dedicated treasury and commodities division that provides a comprehensive range of treasury management services to corporate and institutional clients, including cash management, risk management and commodity hedging.