In Focus

Some local highlights of the happenings of XDC Network in Australia & APAC

More about what XDC Network does and a chronicle of local highlights

The XDC Network is determined to maintain its position as the leading Blockchain network for established and traditional Trade enterprise while expanding into the broader and divergent sectors of State-run governance and Enterprise-lead scale-ups.

In fulfilling this purpose read about the many and varied aspects of our mission, with an Australian focus!

From looking at the Global reach of the XDC Network Ecosystem, to local and regional expansion of Australian Projects and Businesses using the Layer 1 XDC Network, to understanding how the locals are contributing to the infrastructure of this platform.

Periodically, we will add more articles to this space, so keep coming back to follow the XDC Story and savour the local highlights.

XDC Au podcasts (incl RWA series)

Australia’s path into a Digital Economy is highlighted by the series of discussions by the XDCau team. Tune in to Podcasts and interviews with Blockchain Builders, Founders and Leaders integral to the XDC Network. 

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Infrastructure in Australia

In the fast-paced world of blockchain technology, XDC Network has emerged as a leading platform. Among the trailblazers in this decentralised ecosystem, Australians have played a significant role in showcasing their presence through active participation in the XDC Network’s Masternode infrastructure, solidifying their position as an integral part of the XinFam community.

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In the Media

Media profiles for XDC in Australia: Podcasts and Interviews with Web3, Blockchain & other outlets focused on the emerging Digital Economy highlighting our efforts locally and through rest of the World. 

Tune in for the latest coverage the touches upon matters of Blockchain and adoption in Australia.

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XDC Trade Network

Learn more about a complete suite of dApps for Supply Chain and Trade Instruments.

The XDC Trade Network provides an all-encompassing suite of interoperable, decentralised applications purpose-built on the XDC Network, with a mission to revolutionise the global supply chain and trade finance industry through digitalisation. 

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