Team Australia

Meet the Team Behind XDC Network Australia Innovation & Success

Why XDC & Australia?

XDC Network Australia Innovation: Home Grown Belief

XDC Network Australia innovation is perfectly placed to help transition Australia’s infrastructure into a Digital Economy.

While many parts of the World, especially close trading partners in the Asia-Pacific region (e.g. Singapore, Papua New Guinea & UK) have enacted legislation, or very close to enacting laws (e.g. Japan, China,) from the raft of regulatory guides built around esteemed panelled round tables and working groups (eg UNCITRAL), Australia is – at time of writing – is still preparing for the level of legal clarity to allow paper documentation of trade instruments – and other eDocuments – to be replaced by electronic and tokenised versions. 

The advent of this legislative clarity will give the go ahead for digitalised documents to be integrated into typical trading processes, meaning that tokenisation will create the legal surety that is required for Trade – and therefore Supply Chain Finance – to ultimately inhabit the blockchain.

Other Documents will also affected under this broad Model Law Electronic Transferable Records revision and adoption; Licensing, Conveyancing and other types of Admistration of Documentation may leap onto Blockchain.

Sean White


Sean White is the Ecosystem and Business Development Manager in Australia for the XDC Network. 

Having deep and successful experiences in building and maintaining small businesses, also having served in large public organisations – coupled with a laser-eyed, self-styled presence in the Blockchain community since 2018 – Sean draws upon insightful, authentic engagement and often large swathes of unpretentious swagger to support, inspire and close deals for the expanding and at times free-wheeling, nascent utility-focused Blockchain Ecosystem. 

The path to greatness – or at least character – is never a straight line, and Sean’s life is a good record of that. From unexpected twists and a good amount of chance, the best laid plans are seldom “programmatic”. From a regional upbringing to a Capital city gilding, from a classic undergraduate University education and a Career in Health Science to exhibiting his Visual Art in Galleries across the World –  to even saying he would never have a Dog and now devotedly “being owned” by an amorous Cavoodle – Sean lives by an Organic and committed approach to Life. 

As leading the Australian XDC Network Ecosystem and assisting the Development of the region’s Businesses and Projects – often finding himself at the interface between CODE and the REAL WORLD – Sean intimately understands and lives by the philosophy, that the journey is as important as your, your colleague’s and your Project’s destination – which often rides the “waves of progress”. With that in mind you can expect attentive, engaged – and solutions focused service in any Blockchain matter.

 At XDC we have a saying that “Success depends on your Network” – and you are very warmly invited to discover the XDC Network Layer 1 Blockchain difference with Sean. 


Dr Fisher Yu

Dr Fisher Yu is a blockchain researcher and engineer. He worked on information theory for distributed systems for his Ph.D. in Australian National University. He then joined University of Southern California as a post-doctorial research fellow with a focus on blockchain protocol security. He has been actively consulting with high profile blockchain projects on their protocol evolution, and is most recognized by his contributions to the blockchain scaling and data availability areas. He is currently a technical advisor of XDC.