XDC Foundation

The Heartbeat of the “XinFam”  Supporting the XDC Network Community

The XDC Network Community Life Support

The pulse of XDC Network is represented at XDC.org and is an aggregator of resources and XDC Network community support for those connecting with the Ecosystem through the XDC Foundation.

XDC’s global community existed for years before XDC Foundation’s inception in 2021. The Foundation was established to provide the heartbeat of the XDC Community members and consists of its developers, content creators, validators, stakeholders, enterprises and affiliated organisations.


XDC.org is designed to be a community hub, collating key data, XDC Network community voices and resources. This is a watering hole for all things XDC. Here, the XDC Foundation will gladly keep you updated and informed.

The XDC Foundation is a non-profit organisation that plays a crucial role in the governance, development and promotion of the XDC Network blockchain platform. The foundation’s primary objectives include fostering the growth of the XinFin ecosystem, driving adoption of the XDC blockchain and supporting the XDC Network community of developers, businesses, and individuals involved with the platform.

Here are some of the key roles and responsibilities of the XDC Foundation:

Development and Maintenance The foundation is responsible for coordinating the technical development and maintenance of the XDC blockchain platform. It may employ developers and collaborate with external contributors to improve the platform’s performance, security and functionality.

Community Support The XDC Foundation provides support and resources to the XDC Network community (XinFam), including developers, users and businesses. It fosters an inclusive and supportive environment to encourage collaboration, innovation and the creation of decentralised applications (dApps) on the XDC Network.

Governance The XDC Foundation oversees the governance of the XDC Network. It assists in defining the rules, protocols and standards for the blockchain network to ensure transparency, security and fair operation. The foundation may help make decisions on upgrades, changes to the protocol and other essential aspects of the blockchain’s development.

Ecosystem Growth The foundation plays a crucial role in expanding the XDC ecosystem by encouraging partnerships, collaborations and integrations with other projects, institutions and businesses. These efforts aim to promote the adoption of XinFin’s technology in various industries and use cases.

Awareness and Education The XDC Foundation works to raise awareness about the XDC Network and its capabilities. It may engage in educational initiatives, workshops, conferences and marketing activities to showcase the platform’s benefits and attract more stakeholders to the network.