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Empowering the Future: Discover the XDC Network Real World Tokenisation Revolution

About XDC

 XDC Network is a leading EVM capable chain with a 2 second block speed, over 2000 TPS scalability and near non-existent gas fees.  It seamlessly delivers the Smart Contract capabilities whilst maintaining a close to zero Carbon footprint; setting the world alight for XDC Network Real World Tokenisation utility!

While many parts of the World, including even those in the Asia-Pacific region (e.g. Papua New Guinea) have enacted legislation from the raft of regulatory guides built around esteemed panelled round tables and working groups (eg UNCITRAL), Australia is still – at time of writing – preparing for the level of legal clarity to allow paper documentation of trading instruments to be replaced by electronic versions. The advent of this legislative clarity will give the go ahead for Digital documents to be integrated into typical trading processes, meaning that tokenisation will create legal and surety required for Trade AND Finance to ultimately live on the ledger. 

XDC Network Real World Tokenisation

The Founders of the Network envisaged a World where tokenisation of Trade Instruments, and the propogation of new pathways of Trade Finance, would become an inevitable part of future trade practices. The years of Technical development of the Protocol is matched by the integration and engagement with such large and central Trade Associations – WTO, ITFA, ICC and the TFDi – to further the ease of industry adoption to web3 with the assembly of the suite blockchain tools developed by such entities as XDC Trade Network, Impel and TradeFinex. 

The seeming secondary use-cases that this extraordinary Hybrid EVM Blockchain can also very capably serve are almost endless; anywhere that instant settlements, smart contracts and tokenisations are required – XDC Network will ably, swifty, securely, faithfully and forensically execute to the block. The innate nature of XDC Network and its Delegated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism make it the obvious and capable choice for enabling and facilitating this Globally significant task. 

Empower your Enterprise with the XDC Network L1 Ethereum Virtual Machine Blockchain Network. Take your place in the Digital Economy with instant Payments, Smart Contracts & Tokenisation in Australia TODAY.

XINFIN: The Centre of XDC


XinFin provided the Life Blood to the XDC Network and has served to Empower Enterprises with the Hybrid Blockchain Solution of XDC Network since 2019. Founded by a team of entrepreneurs, developers, and blockchain enthusiasts to address the limitations of existing networks for enterprise use cases, XDC has been given wings!

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Meet the brilliant minds behind XDC Network in Australia – a team fueled by innovation and determination.

With their expertise in blockchain technology, business development, and networking solutions, they are driving the local transformation of the digital economy here in Australia.

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The SBI group has formally aligned business interests with the XDC Network.

Intitially, the SBI Group focused their intent for providing services related to the XDC coin, but now also strive to expand the use cases of the XDC Network’s blockchain technology in global economic activities, particularly in the fields of trade finance and cross-border payments.

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XDC.dev is the centre point for all things DEV on the XDC Network.

Whether exploring smart contract development, interoperability, or decentralised applications (dApps) – the forum fosters a community-driven approach to problem-solving, collaboration and verification.

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XDC’s global community existed for years before XDC Foundation’s inception in 2021. However, the XDC Foundation serves to be the heartbeat of the XDC community members and consists of developers, content creators, validators, stakeholders, enterprises and affiliated organisations.

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Learn more about the Global Reach XDC Network has on the Ground!

Connect with ground-breaking initiatives like XDC Labs – and take a tour of the other Regional Ecosystems from around the World.

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