Fund Management

Blockchain innately faciliates Sustainable and Responsible Investment: XDC Network helps Fund Management in Australia

Fund Management in Australia with XDC Network

Institutional Fund Managers can tokenise traditional assets like real estate, commodities or even financial instruments on the XDC Network, including Loans. This process involves converting these assets into digital tokens, which can then be traded, transferred and settled on the blockchain.

On XDC Network, Fund Managers can utilise smart contracts to automate various processes, such as investment agreements, dividend distributions and trade settlements – furthermore, automation can enhance efficiency, reduce administrative overhead and minimise the potential for human error. All that aside, XDC can further faciliate Sustainable and Responsible investment practices with entities like Tradefinex whereby leveraging top-tier stablecoins and over-collateralising $XDC itself, can support liquidity pools for the upliftment of MSME and financiers, alike.

Tokenisation of Asset classes like TradeFinance Loans can thus improve liquidity, transparency and accessibility to a broader range of investors for any Fund, Hedge or Mutual to prosper.


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