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Australians Playing a Significant Role in XDC Network Infrastructure

Australians Playing a Significant Role in XDC Network Infrastructure

In the fast-paced world of blockchain technology, XDC Network has emerged as a leading platform. Among the trailblazers in this decentralised ecosystem, Australians have played a significant role in showcasing their presence through active participation in the XDC Network’s Masternode infrastructure, solidifying their position as an integral part of the XinFam community – forming the spine of the local XDC Network infrastructure.

The Stats are in: Australian’s LOVE XDC Network

As of the latest data from the XDC Masternode dApp (Q3 2023), there are currently 245 Masternodes deployed worldwide. This includes 108 Validator Masternodes with the remaining balance being Standby Masternodes. Among this network of global nodes, 7 XDC Masternodes have found their home in Australia. These Masternodes have been deployed by a mix of Institutional and community-based operators, showcasing the widespread adoption of XDC in the country. The deployment of XDC Masternodes in enterprise-class data centres further reinforces the commitment of Australians to promote global decentralisation within the XDC network.

A crucial aspect of the XDC Ecosystem is Plugin – the secure, scalable and decentralised Oracle provider built on the XDC Network. Globally, Plugin node operators have successfully deployed over 2000 nodes, providing vital real-world data to the blockchain. Remarkably, approximately 4% of this expansive infrastructure is deployed domestically in Australia, courtesy of efforts by a range of Institutions and community members. These nodes are strategically hosted in enterprise-class tier III and IV data centres, located in major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. This strategic deployment ensures that local Australian users experience fast, low-latency access to Plugin’s Oracle data services.

Moreover, Plugin is actively working on approving a select number of specific Validator nodes on their Oracle network. Impressively, infrastructure deployed by an Australian Institution has already been chosen and approved to contribute to this exclusive pool of global operators. This recognition further underscores the influence of Australian XinFam within the blockchain space and highlights their dedication to driving innovation on a global scale.

More than Nodes

The contributions of Australian XDC community members extend beyond the deployment of Masternodes and Oracles. They have been actively enriching the XDC Network’s knowledge base by publishing technical articles and how-to guides on the XDC Developer Portal. This wealth of information is a valuable resource for the community and much of it is currently being incorporated into the community-driven documentation at By sharing their expertise and insights, Australian XinFam members are empowering others to become active participants in the blockchain revolution.

Additionally, the spirit of innovation and collaboration within the XinFam community is evident through the development of software tools by Australian community contributors. These tools, designed to efficiently manage various types of nodes on the XDC network, are freely available under the MIT license on GitHub. This open-source approach promotes transparency, fosters knowledge-sharing and empowers developers worldwide to leverage these tools for their own projects.

In conclusion, Australia’s active participation in the XDC Network’s Masternode infrastructure and Plugin’s Oracle deployment is a testament to the dedication to promoting global decentralisation and innovation in the blockchain space. Their independent efforts, community-driven initiatives and technical contributions have solidified Australia’s position as a pivotal player within the XinFam community.

As the XDC Network continues to evolve, attracting new projects and ventures, Australian’s community presence and influence are set to further help shape the future of blockchain technology on a global scale.


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