XDC EVM Devs find their tribe at XDC.dev


The XDC.dev was quickly established after the origination of XinFin and the 2019 launch of the XDC blockchain network to cater for XDC EVM Devs!


The Forum was created by the early team of Founders and Developers who recognised the importance of a community-lead networking platform to support the progress of DEVs building on the Network.

The XDC Network Developer Forum is a vibrant platform dedicated to developers actively engaged in building on the EVM-compatible blockchain. This forum serves as a collaborative space where developers converge to discuss, share insights, and address challenges related to their projects on the XDC Network. Participants gain access to valuable resources, technical support, and the latest updates on XDC Network’s capabilities. Whether exploring smart contract development, interoperability, or decentralized applications (dApps), the forum fosters a community-driven approach to problem-solving. Through open discussions, coding tips, and shared experiences, the XDC Network Developer Forum empowers developers to optimize their projects, contributing to the growth and innovation within the XDC Network ecosystem.