Policy Forum [Blockchain Australia]

Blockchain Policy Forum [Sydney 2024] Planning for Change

XDC Network Australia invitation to Blockchain Policy Forum

Day 1  Proactive Policy Formation

Day one of the Blockchain Australia Policy Forum offers a unique opportunity to shape the future of digital asset regulation. Engage directly with policymakers and contribute to vital policy discussions in focused groups, driving forward the industry’s regulatory framework.

Four specialised focus groups working groups will come together to collaboratively craft targeted elements of a proactive policy submission, directly addressing crucial regulatory considerations from an industry perspective.  The focus groups include:

  • Custody and Asset Management
  • Taxation
  • Consumer Protection and Market Integrity
  • Balanced, Innovation Friendly and Fit-for-Purpose Regulation

Participants are invited to actively engage in open discussions, sharing ideas with industry peers, stakeholders, and policymakers, thus promoting a cooperative environment for policy development. The day’s agenda is strategically structured to result in the advancement of Australian digital asset regulation, empowering attendees to significantly influence industry standards and regulatory frameworks in advance of further consultations.

Blockchain Australia welcomes those who wish to actively participate in the focus groups as well as those who wish to be observers.

Day 2  Preparing for Change

On the second day of the Blockchain Policy Forum, industry unite to address the transition into a regulated digital economy. The day is dedicated to understanding and overcoming the challenges of new licensing and compliance requirements. Through expert-led presentations and interactive sessions, participants will delve into the legal frameworks and practical strategies needed for businesses to adapt.

This day offers a deep dive into strategic planning and best practices, emphasising how companies can realign their operations to meet regulatory demands. In addition, insights from seasoned policy experts and legal professionals will provide valuable perspectives on adapting across various sectors within the digital economy.

Day two is about equipping attendees with the tools and knowledge for a smooth and effective transition in this evolving regulatory landscape.