Tokenisation for the Real World

Web Event – Compliance, Business and Digital Trade – Jan 2024

Tokenisation Web Event in collaboration with Blockchain Australia

“Tokenisation for the Real World: Compliance, Business and Digital Trade” is a pivotal Web event hosted by Blockchain Australia in collaboration with XDC Australia, set to explore the dynamic world of tokenisation in the context of compliance, business operations and the sphere of digital trade in Australia & APAC.

This 90-minute online seminar, scheduled for 11:30 am AEDT January 30th, aims to dissect and demystify how blockchain technology and digital assets are transforming traditional business and trade paradigms – especially in International Trade from an Australian perspective.

The event is structured into two parts: a fireside chat followed by an in-depth panel discussion, featuring thought leaders and industry experts.

The first part: a Fireside Chat 

The first segment will see a conversation with Simon Callaghan, CEO of Blockchain Australia, and Bryan Clark, Director of ACITI, delving into the foundational aspects of international trade and investment, how tokenisation can bring about great benefits to a broad list of stakeholders and its implications for business and international trade systems in Australia.

Part Two: a panel

The second part of the event is a panel discussion, moderated by Sean White, Ecosystem Head for XDC Network, Australia. This exciting panel includes Loretta Joseph, Chair of ADFSAC and Co-Chair of IDAXA; Dr Alan Davidson, Vice Chair of UNCITRAL’s Working Group IV on Electronic Commerce; and Sunil Senapati, CEO of XDC Trade Network.

These panellists bring a wealth of experience from various sectors, offering diverse perspectives on the integration of blockchain technology into real-world applications – namely Digitalisation of International Trade. Participants will gain insights into the latest trends and practical applications of blockchain and digital assets, better their understanding of the compliance and regulatory frameworks and explore the nascent industry of digital trade.

This session promises an engaging and informative experience, complete with a live Q&A segment, allowing attendees to interact directly with the panellists.

WHO must see this? (Replay available courtesy of Blockchain Australia)

This event is a must-attend for professionals in exports, logistics & supply chain, payments,  trade finance, payments technology, e-documentation, standards, international trade and law – as well as anyone interested in the evolving landscape of blockchain and digital/virtual assets in the business world.